Abandoned Cats Get Adventure-Filled Second Chance At Life

Imagine you are minding your own business, tidying up after a quick lunch at a local park, when out of nowhere, you hear the faintest little meow.

Thats exactly what happened to Kayleen VanderRee back in July, when she and her friend, Danielle Gumbley, found two precious kittens, each about 4months old, likely abandoned and living in a trash can.

While most pet owners love and cherish their animalsunconditionally, for some, the responsibility can become too overwhelming, leading to questionable behavior.

Thankfully, though, these kittens are now getting glorious second chances at life.

VanderRee and Gumbley embraced these two kittens as their own and broughtthem along on their first outdoor kayaking trip. Since that moment, these friends havebeen taking their cats, Bolt and Keel, on all sorts of amazing adventures.

This heartwarming tale illustrates not only how these cats lives have been transformed since their rescue, but how their new owners’ lives have also changed for the better.

Scroll through below to see justhow these incredible cats are spending their second chances at life.

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Out exploring in the wilderness, theres no telling what surprises youll find.

Last July, when Kayleen VanderRee heard criesemanating from a nearby park trash bin, she had to investigate. Stepping a bit closer, she happened upon a little 4-month-old kitten, who had apparently been calling this trash can home for who knows how long.


Once she coaxed him toward her, she spotted kitty number two, and quickly called her friend, Danielle Gumbley, over for help.


The two friends told Shaw TV that theyd been taking a group of summer camp children hiking when they luckily stumbled upon these two 4-month-old kittens, seemingly abandoned and living all on their own.


The Victoria, British Columbia, natives didnt quite know what to do with the cute little kittens theyd found, but knew they couldnt just leave them be.


Determined to keep these kitties somewhere warm and safe, the two friends tried taking them to their local SPCA shelter.

However, by the time they arrived, the shelter had closed for the weekend.


VanderRee and Gumbley didnt know what to do. They were slated to go kayaking, hiking, and camping forthe next two days a trip theyd planned long before these kittens ever fell into their laps.

The girls decided to bring the cats along on their adventure, and despite a few bed-wetting incidents, the trip was a success!


Ever since, cats Bolt and Keel have accompanied VanderRee and Gumbley on all of their outdoor excursions.

These cats are getting incrediblesecond chances to explore thegreat big world and all the beautiful smells, sights, and soundsit has to offer.


Since that first trip, these gals have been taking their cats on fantasticadventures weekend after weekend, documenting all their travels on their blog.

They have taken these cuties snowshoeing, sailing, and canoeing, and in the coming summer, they hope to take them swimming and rock climbing… assuming they can find proper harnesses.


Before finding Bolt and Keel, VanderRee told Shaw TV that she often found herself racing through the wilderness, hyped-up byher own competitive drive.

Now, though, exploring her surroundings at these cats pace has slowed her down and helped her appreciate the journey of each trip she takes,rather than just focusing on reaching any givendestination.


The friends keep their cats on leashes during their adventures, making sure they stay safely near, while at the same time giving these cute explorers enough freedom to discover and enjoy the beauties of nature they almost never got the chance to see.


VanderRee told the Dodo, “It’s really obvious to us when they do or don’t like something, so we make sure we are doing it for the cats and not just forcing them along.”


These cute kittieswere given second chances at life, and theyre certainly making the most of theirprecious gifts.

What do you think of these adventure cats? Have you ever rescued an animal? Let us know your stories in the comments.

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